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For current news concerning the national forests, monuments & parks of southern California, please visit the main News Releases page. 


News Releases and Announcements, from October 2015 back to April 1999:


10-23-15 Rep. Judy Chu: HR3820 proposes expansion of San Gabriel Mts. Nat. Monument
6-8-15 Angeles NF: Mgmt. Plan for San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
4-15 NPS: Rim of the Valley Corridor Study
10-10-14 Presidential Proclamation:  Establishment of San Gabriel Mts. National Monument
9-31-14 Presidential Proclamation: Fifty Years National Wilderness System
2-14 Santa Monica Mts. Nat. Rec. Area: Trail Plan
2-15-13 Forest Service: Land Use in So. Calif. Roadless Areas
10-12 NPS: Rim of the Valley Corridor Study
4-30-12 Forest Service: Mgmt. Plan, So. Calif. Forests
10-17-11 NPS: San Gabriel Watershed & Mts. Study, Draft
8-11 City of Monrovia: Wilderness Plan
2-4-11 NPS: Grand Canyon Overflight
1-5-11 Angeles & San Bernardino NF: Bill to Extend Wilderness
6-10 NPS: L.A. Rim of the Valley Corridor
12-21-09 California Desert: Desert Protection Act of 1010 (proposed)
8-09 NPS: San Gabriel Watershed & Mts. Resource Study
4-8-09 NPS: Channel Islands Wilderness Designations
3-18-09 Forest Service: Mgmt. Plan, Sequoia Nat. Monument
2-17-09 Caltrans: Highway 39 Rebuilding Project
1-30-09 NPS: Carrizo Plains Nat. Monument Mgmt. Plan
12-18-08 NPS: Proposed Mountain Bicycle Amendment
12-10-08 NPS: Nat. Park Gun Rule Amendment

-08  40th Anniversary, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
2-5-08 Forest Service: Mgmt. Plan, Sequoia Nat. Monument

5-24-07 Angeles N.F.: Wheeled Vehicle Off Highway Routes
4-11-07 NPS: Merced River Plan
9-20-06 Forest Service: Roadless Protection
9-14-06 F&WS: Yellow Legged Frog, Critical Habitat
3-15-06 BLM: West Mojave Plan Approved
11-9-05 Forest Service: Travel Mgmt. - Designated Routes
9-23-05 Forest Service: New So. Calif. Forest Plan
9-05 Santa Monica Mts. Nat. Rec. Area: Trail Plan
6-9-05 Forest Service: Change in Recreation Fee Program
1-25-05 Forest Service: Stock Mgmt in Muir/Adams Wildernesses
1-19-05 NPS: Study of San Gabriel Watershed
1-5-05 Forest Service: New Forest Mgmt. Plan
1-5-05 Forest Service: 2000 Mgmt. Plan Removed
7-16-04 Forest Service: Change of Roadless Rule
5-18-04 NPS: Mgmt. Plan, Sequoia and Kings Canyon
4-28-04 F&WS: Arroyo Toad, Critical Habitat
1-21-04 F&WS: Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Habitat
12-04-03 Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Nat. Mon.: Closure of Certain Public Lands
6-13-03 BLM: Draft West Mojave Plan
3-18-03 Forest Service: Sierra Nevada Plan, Changes
3-03 Santa Monica Mts. Nat. Rec. Area: Trail Plan
2-11-03 Angeles National Forest: Forest Plan Revision
12-18-02 Forest Service: Amendment of Comment and Appeals Procedure.
12-6-02 Forest Service: Land & Resource Management Planning.
10-28-02 Forest Service: Review of the agency's current Strategic Plan and recommend changes.
6-11-02 BLM: proposed West Mojave Habitat Conservation Plan.
5-30-02 BLM:
trail designations for off-road vehicles within the Surprise Canyon Area of Critical Environmental Concern.
2-11-02 Forest Service: Sequoia National Monument Plan.
12-31-01 Forest Service: Sierra Nevada Plan. Initiation of a broad review.
12-27-01 Forest Service: Sierra Nevada Plan. Decision not to conduct discretionary review.
11-8-01 NPS: Channel Islands Managemetn Plan.
7-10-01 Forest Service: Roadless Area Conservation. Proposed Rulemaking.
6-8-01 Forest Service: Preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS) to establish management direction for the Giant Sequoia National Monument.
4-20-01 Forest Service: Wilderness Management Plan for the Ansel Adams, John Muir, and Dinkey Lakes Wildernesses culminates a decade of wilderness planning
3-28-01 Forest Service: Chief Dombeck resigns
3-17-01 Forest Service: Roadless Policy delayed until May.
2-13-01 Angeles National Forest:  Forest Plan Update
2-1-01 F&WS:  Peninsular Bighorn Sheep
1-12-01 Forest Service:  Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment
1-5-01 Forest Service:  Roadless Area Conservation
1-4-01 Forest Service:  new forest road management policy
2-21-00 F&WS:  Red Legged Frog - designate 5.4 million acres as critical habitat.
12-14-00 NPS: proposed General Management Plan (GMP) for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
11-21-00 Yosemite NP: Yosemite Valley Plan, Final EIS
9-6-00 Death Valley NP: EIS for proposed management plan
8-00 Forest Service: proposed management for Ansel Adams, John Muir and Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Areas.
7-7-00 BLM: land-management issues prompted by the growing popularity of OHV use
7-5-00 Fish & Wildlife Service:   critical habitat for the Peninsular Bighorn Sheep
7-3-00  Yosemite N.P.  Wild and Scenic River Plan
6-29-00  Fish & Wildlife Service 
critical habitat for the  California gnatcatcher
6-6-00  Fish & Wildlife Service  critical habitat for the endangered arroyo toad
5-9-00  Forest Service:  regulations to protect certain roadless areas
5-2-00  Forest Service:  management alternatives for eleven national forests in the Sierra Nevada mountain range
4-15-00  White House:  Giant Sequoia National Monument has been created by presidential proclamation to protect the trees growing outside Sequoia National Park.
4-13-00  Yosemite N.P.  The proposed Valley Plan would restore approximately 180 acres to natural conditions.

3-3-00  Forest Service:  The Forest Service has concluded that it must thoroughly review its forest road system policy.
3-3-00   Sequoia National Forest:
The future of the giant sequoia groves.
2-4-00  Fish and Wildlife Service:    Proposal to designate critical habitat on nearly 800,000 acres for the California gnatcatcher
1-7-00  National Park Service:    Proposed Merced Wild and Scenic River Plan to protect and enhance the "Outstandingly Remarkable Values" for which the river was designated
1-3-00   Fish and Wildlife Service:
The Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep distinct population segment warrants classification as an endangered species
12-22-99  Fish and Wildlife Service:    Proposal to list the  mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa) as endangered...
10-28-99  Joshua Tree N.P.
Backcountry/Wilderness Plan
10-19-99  Forest Service:     This proposed rulemaking responds to strong public sentiment for protecting roadless areas and the clean water, biological diversity, wildlife habitat....
10-5-99  Forest Service: 
A proposed rule to guide land and resource management planning for the National Forest System. This proposed rule makes sustainability the foundation for National Forest System planning and management.
6-11-99   National Park Service:   Merced River Management Plan which  will encompass protection and enhancement of the values for which Merced River was designated as a Wild and Scenic River. 
4-20-99    Fish & Wildlife Service:     Emergency Protection of the Sierra Nevada Population of Bighorn Sheep.
4-15-99    Forest Service:    New Management Direction in Sierra Nevada National Forests


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