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SOURCE:  Federal Register, June 8, 2001

Forest Service

Giant Sequoia National Monument Management Plan EIS

ACTION: Notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement.


SUMMARY: The Department of Agriculture, Forest Service is preparing an

environmental impact statement (EIS) to establish management direction

for the land and resources within the Giant Sequoia National Monument

(GSNM) created by Presidential Proclamation on April 15, 2000. The

agency is to develop a management plan within three years of the

signing of the Proclamation. The Forest Service, as the responsible

agency, proposes to amend the Sequoia National Forest Land and Resource

Management Plan (FLMP) to provide for the protection of the objects of

interest identified in the Proclamation.

DATES: The public is asked to submit any issues (points of concern,

debate, dispute, or disagreement) regarding potential effects of the

proposed action by July 24, 2001. The draft EIS is expected to be

available for public comment in February 2002 and the final EIS is

expected to be published in September 2002.

ADDRESSES: Send written comments to: Jim Whitfield, EIS Team Leader,

USDA Forest Service, Sequoia National Forest, 900 W. Grand Avenue,

Porterville, CA 93257.


Sequoia National Forest, at the address listed above. The phone number

is (559) 784-1500. Information regarding the monument and the planning

process can also be found on the Giant Sequoia National Monument

website located at Public meetings will

be held during the scoping period (July 10 in Los Angeles) to allow the public to

gather information prior to submitting comments. Information on the times,

dates, locations, and agendas for these meetings will be provided in

local newspapers, on the website, and by direct mailings.



On April 15, 2000, a Presidential Proclamation creating the Giant

Sequoia National Monument was signed. The Proclamation designated

327,769 acres within the boundary of the Sequoia National Forest as a

National Monument to provide protection for a variety of objects of

historic and scientific interest, including giant sequoia trees and

their surrounding ecosystem. The President directed the Secretary of

Agriculture to prepare a management plan within three years, and that

the plan is to include a transportation plan. The plan will provide for

and encourage continued public access and use consistent with the

purposes of the Giant Sequoia National Monument. A range of

alternatives will be analyzed, including the no-action alternative,

which is the management direction provided by the current Forest Land

and Resource Management Plan, as amended.

Purpose and Need for Action

The Presidential Proclamation identifies the need to take action

regarding two critical problems facing giant sequoias and their

ecosystems: (1) The heavy buildup of surface fuels and woody debris,

leading to an increased hazard form wildfires, and (2) a lack of

regeneration of young giant sequoias to ensure long-term sustainability

of the species. The proclamation also clearly identifies opportunities

for scientific research, interpretation, recreation, and the need for a

transportation plan. We are committed to preparing a management plan

that is responsive to these needs and opportunities and that provides

proper care for the objects of interest as identified in the


[Webmaster's Note:  Federal Register contains 4 additional pages of information]

[The public meeting in Los Angeles will be on Tuesday, July 10, 2001, 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Los Angeles River Center
570 West Avenue 26
Los Angeles, CA 90065]


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